As I write this, I just celebrated my 34th birthday and my first Fathers day (even though my boy is still baking in the oven.  Tatyana is due July 9th!)  For the record, I got the coolest gift ever – the Kindle.  It’s a must have item if you’re into reading….

For my birthday weekend, we went to see the movie “The Hangover” – it’s hysterical!  Even better, I saw it with my parents.  We cracked up the entire movie.  In the theater, you heard comments like, “Who thought up this stuff?” and “Ohhhhhh….that’s just wrong,” and the laughing that was so loud at times it muted out the movie itself.  My dad commented as we left the theater, “I’ll need to see that again just to catch all the jokes!”

Although my article here was inspired by the movie itself, unfortunately the hangover cure that I’m going to share with you today is not the one that’s going to help you recover from shots of Patron, Jägermeister or Goldschläger…but one of a mental hangover that we all experience from time to time.

For the purpose of this article, I’d like to define a hangover as – The state of being unproductive, lethargic, foggy and tired as a result of activities that don’t’ serve the greater good.

Are you hung-over right now?  Is there any part of you that’s “unproductive, lethargic, foggy or tired?”  Are you paying the price today for something you did yesterday?  If yes, you may have a business hangover.  What do I mean by a business hangover?

A business hangover is when you loose a bit of your “mojo” after making some poor decisions (i.e.…not advertising, not following up, getting distracted with unnecessary tasks, spending money in wasteful areas, etc).  Your business suffers today because of less than ideal decisions made yesterday.

Let’s face it, no matter how successful your summer has been, you can likely look back and see where you made some mistakes. In fact, if you can’t think of any poor decisions you’ve made, you didn’t risk enough!

This article IS about getting back up on that horse.   My mentor Tony Robbins says, “Success is a result of good decisions.  Good decisions are the result of experience and experience is often the result of bad decisions!”

Are you ready to cure your business hangover? Your relationship hangover?  Your eating hangover?  Anything that “hangs over” your head, we can remedy right now!

Here is the magic potion to cure your hangover…

Step 1:  Recommit To Your Mission. Commitment isn’t something that happens once and then presto, you’re “done!”  No.  Real commitment is something you commit to daily, whether consciously or not, it’s a daily recommitment.   What mission do you need to recommit to today?  What have you lost focus on due to your mental hangover?  I’m sure that my good friend and business partner Jon Berghoff wakes up some mornings after having run 11 miles in training for his 400 mile adventure ( with a “physical hangover,” but he recommits to his mission and pushes through.  Recommit to your mission now.

Step 2:  Take Massive Daily FOCUSED Action. What three daily actions can you take that will bring the most R.O.A. (Return on Action)?  Are you doing them?  Are you doing them enough?  Is your hangover getting in the way?  Well….the time is now to clear you head and get busy.   When it comes to taking massive daily focused action, remember this quote, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing!”

Step 3:  Create an Empowering Environment.  Who challenges you to be your best?  Who do you speak with that gives you energy?  Who takes your energy away?  Who can you call now that will encourage you, push you, give you new ideas, teach you something and ultimately help propel you forward?     Have you ever heard that your income level is often the average of your 10 closest friends’ income levels?  I’ve found this to be true.  If you want to excel, hang around those that excel.  Moving forward, who are you going to choose to associate with?  It could be (it likely will be) one of the most important decisions of your life.

Remember your hangover cure is simple: recommit to your mission, take massive daily focused action and create an empowering environment for yourself.  With all the greatness you have to create in your life, you don’t have time to be hung-over!  Go get em’ Tiger!

Jon “Front Row” Vroman is the co-founder of the Front Row Foundation, a professional speaker and private coach, and contributing author to the new bestselling book Cutting Edge Sales

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I’ll begin with a question, “What’s typically the first action a person will take each day?”
Answer: To hit the snooze button!
Can you believe that?  You probably saying right now……YEAH JON…..I CAN BELIEVE THAT!!!   I do that!
I must admit….I do like to hit my snooze a few times!  At least, that was until I listened to my buddy Hal Elrod rave about how the Miracle Morning®  had TRANSFORMED HIS ENTIRE LIFE!  Bold claim right?   Needless to say, he piqued my curiosity….
If I’ve piqued yours….click here to read more

Before I continue, I dare you, no I triple dog dare you to go now to and download my good buddy Hal Elrod’s interview where he pulled back the curtains on his “not-so-obvious secret that was GUARANTEED to change your entire life… all before 8am,” but only go if you want to immediately understand why on a daily basis,  people post amazing testimonials, day after day, on how the Miracle Morning® was changing their life.

In Hals’ interview, he speaks about his morning routine, which totally inspired me to implement the Miracle Morning® into my life.   Once I started doing it, I LOVED IT.

I feel better, I’m more focused, have more energy and less stress and my wife keeps telling me how proud she is of me for getting up early and giving to myself before I give to others.  I liked what was happening to me, and I wanted more.

My days were becoming more productive, fulfilling and fun.   I’ve got packed days with coaching calls, writing, speaking and sometimes the work seems to never end – I NEEDED to start off each day the right way, because there was too much riding on it.

I realized that it wasn’t so much about how much time I was putting into my Miracle Morning, but it was the quality of the Miracle Morning®.   On certain days, I would spend 2 hours to fulfill my new commitments, but on other days, I was feeling a bit more pressure from work or something unusual (a wedding, a trip, a speaking engagement, etc), so I did a shortened version of the Miracle Morning®.  At first I felt guilty, but then it hit me….a shorten version can still work!

I started calling my abbreviated Miracle Morning®, the MIRACLE MINUTE.  PS.  If you haven’t already done so….go now and download the free audio file and read the rest of this later.

Here is what I did…each and every morning. (To clarify, I say “every” implying that “most” of the my mornings….maybe 96%)

  1. Read Everyday. Even if that means only making it through 2-3 pages, I decided I was going to read every day, no matter how busy things were getting!
  2. Do SOMETHING physical. Even if that means only doing 20 push ups, or 60 seconds of jumping jacks, or running around the block one time!  I was committed to doing something to move my body.
  3. Sit in Silence. I decided to do take 60 seconds to sit in silence each morning.  By taking one minute to stop, think, relax, breath and focus….I find that just 60 seconds can make all the difference!   I was going to slow my mind and practice focusing, releasing and relaxing.
  4. Write something. I decided to write SOMETHING each day.  Whether I wrote for 5 minutes about something I learned the day before, or my six most important tasks I must do that day, or write down one thought for the soon to be released Miracle Morning book.  Either way, I need to write.  Even if that meant writing in my journal the ONE BIG idea from the previous day.  Just write!
  5. Eat and drink healthy. I decided to eat and drink SOMETHING healthy every morning.  Even if I’m running late, I’ll take my vitamin, drink water, eat something nutritious.  I may not cook an entire meal or make some fancy fresh squeezed juice, but I’ll fuel my body with something healthy.  My body deserved it, so I wasn’t going to pass it up, no matter how busy life got.

A summary of my morning…..EVERY MORNING!

I read SOMETHING.  I do SOMETHING physical to get my blood pumping. I write SOMETHING for my blog ( or a book or this newsletter.  I sit in silence for at least 60 seconds to slow my mind and gain focus.

And when I do this in the morning, I feel GREAT.

Here is another routine that some people have ….I call it the “Miserable Morning.”

They drag themselves out of bed after snoozing a bunch of times.  They eat a sugar filled breakfast to get a boost, drink coffee to perk up, watch the depressing news and then rush out the door.  What kind of way is that to start off the day?   By the way, If you eat one pop tart each morning, you’ll have 13 grams of sugar, after one year, you’ll have eaten an extra 1,186 teaspoons of sugar (or better said, that’s 12 pounds of sugar).  So you might say that “just one” won’t hurt, but how do you feel about 12 pounds of pure sugar!

all kidding aside, my ideal morning, my complete Miracle Morning® would be 3-4 hours, it would look like this…and 2-3 days of the week, I can pull this off…

  • Read 60 minutes
  • Workout 60 minutes
  • Eat healthy 30 minutes
  • Write 60 minutes
  • Sit in Silence 10 minutes
  • Set my intentions for the day 20 minutes

it’s important to note however that the point of this blog is to say that when I don’t do the full miracle morning, I don’t just give up all together.  It’s not all or nothing….it’s OK to have a Miracle Minute!

The point is, by giving yourself SOMETHING each day, regardless of the length of time, you are building good habits.

Shocking Stats

  • Read 2-3 pages per day of a 200 page book and you’ll finish it in about 2 months.  That’s 6 books per year! In 10 years, you’d finish 60 books if you only read 2-3 pages each morning – most people won’t read 60 books in 10 years, because they don’t value what I call a “Miracle Minute.”
  • If you do 20 push ups every morning, you’ll do 7,300 in one year.  Would 7,300 make a difference?  YES!!!!!  How many calories would you burn doing 7,300 push ups?  Would that make a difference in the way your body looks?

Imagine just eliminating one sugary food and how much healthier you’ll be?

My Challenge for You

In the next 10 days, make a commitment to do the following:

  1. Go to and download the Miracle Morning Audio File for FREE!
  2. Commit to spending at least 30 minutes each morning for the Miracle Morning
  3. Do something physical, read a few pages, sit in silence and write down whatever is on your mind each morning before you start your “normal” routine
  4. watch the Miracle Morning® change your life

Remember that no matter how busy your life gets, you always have time to give yourself one minute of attention.  Minutes can really start to add up.  It’s more important to be consistent with the habit of doing something, than it is to do the habit perfectly.  Don’t sacrifice giving to yourself in the morning because you say, “If I don’t have time to do it right, I’m just not going to do it at all.”  That’s a limiting belief that will hold you back from excelling in life.

The sun has not caught me in bed in fifty years.  ~Thomas Jefferson

To get Jon’s free newsletter, go to

  1. Set your intentions – Begin every day as if it were on purpose.  Write down three outcomes for the day on a piece of paper and keep it in your pocket.  Ask yourself throughout the day, “Are my current actions helping me reach my desired outcome?”
  2. Move your body – It could be as simple as taking a walk or doing something fun like playing basketball or throwing a Frisbee on your lunch break.  During work, take a co-worker out for a walk and discuss how much they’ve meant to you in your life or try to learn something new about them.
  3. Give someone a sincere compliment – I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t appreciate a genuine compliment.  Sincerity is the most important element here.  You can find something nice in every person; sometimes you have to look hard, but trust me it’s there.
  4. Read 10 pages of a good book– People are often more interesting when they’re reading something interesting.  Personal growth is like investing.  Steadily depositing new information into your brain daily, no matter small the amount, adds up. Give someone your favorite book and ask to borrow theirs in return.
  5. Feed the body that feeds you – Drink water, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and take deep breathes.   Optimal health and energy is crucial to living a passionate and exciting life.   Replace one unhealthy snack today with something more wholesome.  Most people overeat, so at your next meal, leave one bite of food on your plate just because you can.  You should dictate how much you need to eat, not the person serving you the food.
  6. Do something different – Spice up your day today.  Be spontaneous.  On your way to work, take a different route or listen to a different station.  Go somewhere new for lunch.  We won’t become a better version of ourselves by doing what we’ve always done.
  7. Appreciate the momentGandhi once said, “Live as if you were going to die tomorrow and learn as if you will live forever.”  Treat each day as if it were your last.  Download Tim McGraw’s song Live Like You Were Dying. Roll down the windows in your car and sing out loud.  Tell a friend or family member that you love them.  Appreciate every day because you’re paying for it with your life. What value will you give to this day?
  8. Do the most difficult task first It’s natural to gravitate towards the past of least resistance.   Usually the project that will make the biggest difference in your life is pushed to the bottom of the list.  Build emotional muscle by putting yourself in challenging situations today.
  9. Laugh out loud – Remember to have fun. Life is short and we all want happiness.  How often do you laugh during the day?  Double that and you’ll be 1/10 of where you should be.  Find one clean joke today and tell it five times.
  10. Find an empowering meaning in everything you do – We can’t control everything that happens to us, but we can control what meaning we attach to it.  When you’re faced with adversity, ask yourself, “What can I learn from this?”  There are seeds of greatness in every difficult situation; sometimes you just need to look closely to find them.

To book Jon for speaking or inquire about Jon’s private coaching, please email or call 757-351-0368.

I live about ½ mile from the oceanfront in Virginia Beach and as the weather warms up, the town emerges from it’s winter hibernation and people come out of the woodwork to ride their bikes, take a jog, work in their yards and hit the beach.

If I had to take my pick, I’m definitely a spring and summer guy. However, I do appreciate all four seasons. When we compare our lives to the changing seasons, we realize that each one brings with it unique challenges, special gifts and of course, many life lessons if we choose to see them.

As I write this article, flowers are blooming outside my window. Right now its spring time and it’s GREAT.

If we compare the seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall to the different stages of our lives, we can find some very interesting parallels. I’ve heard many people discuss the “seasons of life”, so here are a few thoughts on the subject in my own words.

For a famer, the spring time represents a time when they are working extremely hard with very little to show for it. They plant seeds, water the seeds, protect the seeds and while we know that something is happening beneath the soil, we still don’t see any progress. Famers, just like entrepreneurs, parents, student…or anyone for that matter, often have faith that something great will certainly come from all their hard work. Can you relate? We’ve all worked hard at times in our lives to build something and even though we can’t see the result just yet, we persist, we believe, we expect that soon enough we’ll see the result.

Still using the farmer as our example, summer is sure to come and the work is still hard but we begin to see the payoff. The plants begin to grow, but still nothing can be harvested. And then, eventually, after weeks…even months of daily attention, there comes the harvest. Ah….the food! The reward! It’s time to collect the fruits of our labor. Payday!

And, we know that just like farmers have learned how to operate successfully within the different seasons, we must do the same for our lives and businesses.

What season are you in now?

Are you prepared for the seasons ahead?

Do you have what it takes to plant seeds, work hard and wait patiently for the harvest?

Right now, we celebrate spring. In the spirit of the season, I’d like to share three strategies I use to make the progress in my life.

  1. Do Spring Cleaning: It’s time to let go of clutter and free yourself of the junk. By lightening the load, you move faster towards your dreams and goals. Take a moment now and decided when you’re going to do a little “spring cleaning” in your life and business. Letting go might include shedding a few pounds, cleaning up your computer, dumping old files, going through old clothes and giving them to the Salvation Army, or cleaning out the closet. What junk are you holding onto that’s no longer serving you? How will you feel after you let it go?

  1. Get Active: Did you know that 30 minutes of sun each day gives your body its daily supply of Vitamin D? Spring is a great time to get outside. Studies have shown time and time again that sunlight and fresh air can quickly change a person’s mood. I’ve said for years that environment is everything. You may work a 12-15 hour day, but make a commitment now to get outside and get active – consider it a good business decision. By changing your environment, you’ll stimulate parts of your brain that will help you to be more effective on the job. Get outside, breathe deep, look around you, and get inspired by the awesome world we live in. Grab your calendar now and schedule at least one outside activity now. (PS. As I’m writing this article, I stopped to go for a 2 hour hike with my wife and our dog. I’m back now. I feel great. I’m so happy I did. You should stop reading and go for one too!)

  1. Get Ready for a BIG Summer: This a great time of the year to plant seeds for success – your summer success that is. The farmer is busy plowing fields, planting seeds and working hard. Be a farmer right now. There is a window that will open and close and you don’t want to miss it. Don’t wait to get things right before you get started, get started and then you’ll get things right! Take action today. Spring often means hard work, and you might not see a ton of reward immediately, and that’s ok. Be persistent and have faith. Keep planting seeds, keep preparing, keep watering and giving them light and soon you’ll be able to enjoy the harvest.

Before I begin, check out this 45 second video! As you watch this, ask yourself this question, “In my life, am I capable of handling more than I think?”

Thomas Edison said, “If we did all the things we are capable of doing we would truly astound ourselves.”

Throughout my life, I’ve gradually been discovering a few (ok…more than a few) “limiting beliefs.” Even though I grew up in a loving family and surrounded by great friends, I still made several disempowering agreements with myself about who I was and what I was capable of.

Here’s a quick sneak peak into my life. These are the 7 biggest lies, B.S. life-destroying and dream crushing beliefs that I no longer subscribe to:

  1. I’m not a good student
  2. I’m not as smart as everybody else
  3. I’m not worthy of true love
  4. I’m different and that’s a bad thing
  5. I don’t make a difference
  6. I’ve wasted so much of my life
  7. I’m not sure I’ll ever be happy

Two important facts:

  1. One B.S. belief can crush our spirit

  1. One empowering belief can help us achieve all of our dreams.

The world’s greatest men and women have created their success one day at a time. Most superstars are not overnight success stories. Most great artwork, buildings, communities, books, movies, relationships are all built piece by piece, page by page, brick by brick, etc.

Just like many of my private coaching clients that tell me that one phone call can make a difference in their lives, but after a year of speaking several times a month, their lives are completely transformed. Personal growth comes from a daily, weekly and monthly focus on becoming as my friend Matthew Kelly says, “The best version of ourselves.”

In reaching our goals in life, it’s important to take note of our current belief system and ask ourselves, “Is this belief serving me or hurting me?”

Think back to the guy in the video, I’m sure SOMEONE said, “NO WAY you can put 22 bricks on your head at one time!”

Remembering back to 2005, I told a few people I wanted to start a charity. Some of my friends were very supportive, while others (most) looked at me with a smirk that said, “Sure you are.” Then I told them that in order to show my commitment, I was going to run 53 consecutive miles with only 16 weeks of training (that’s two full marathons back to back) to show my commitment and raise money. I wrote a letter explaining this (PS. If you want to see a copy of the letter, just email and I’ll send you a copy).

The majority of people in my life doubted my ability and commitment. In fact, my physical therapist told me that trying to run that far with so little training would be (direct quote) – “impossible.” To make a long story short, I completed the run, started the charity ( which last year (2008) raised over $106,000.

Jon Vroman and Jamie Baugher - 53 mile run

(Jamie Baugher and myself after completing 53 miles on foot!)

Does anyone get tired just thinking about driving 53 miles?

The revelation in this experience for me is “ONE STEP AT A TIME!” That’s my approach to life. One book, one conversation, one compliment, one action, one person, one healthy meal, one day, one decision, one letter, one word, one look, one ANYTHING!

How would my life, and the lives of all those that Front Row Foundation has helped be different had I not asked the question, “How can I make a difference and what am I willing to do to get there?” Today, the foundation goes far beyond my beliefs and thoughts. There are thousands of people that know about, support and contribute to the foundation.

If I would have listened to many naysayers around me, my life would be drastically different today.

My mantra during the run was, “A day of pain is worth a lifetime of pride.”

Question to ponder: Are you living a life that if put on the front cover of the newspaper, you would be proud of?

What are your personal limiting believes? Which ones have you dealt with and which ones still exist? (PS. Now is a good time to stop reading this and make a quick list – remember we only change when we take action on something)

What have you missed out on because of these limiting thoughts? (again, make another quick list right now)

We often see people, places and things in their completed forms, but let’s not forget….

Tall buildings started with one idea, one brick, one person, one sketch at time.

Burj Al Arab

Gorgeous paintings began with one concept, one brush stroke, one color at a time.

Mona Lisa

A baseball team winning the World Series began with one pitch, one hit and one run and even before that, one practice at a time.

World Series Champs

Starting now, I challenge you to do two things:

  1. Pay attention to any limiting beliefs in you life, and once you recognize them, destroy them! Replace them with empowering beliefs that will serve you and others.
  2. Take steps towards your dreams everyday. People often underestimate what they can do in a lifetime because they fail to see the power of one day.

I invite you to keep in touch by joining my monthly newsletter at



Jon Vroman

Speaker – Trainer – Author – Coach

PS. Please send inquires about private coaching with Jon Vroman to

Jon’s brilliant insight combined with his powerful coaching strategies help to create major breakthroughs.” Mara Berghoff

Warning!!!!! If you’re a person who has Bad

Luck – don’t read this!

The following information is

Reserved for LUCKY people only!

Do you consider yourself a lucky person?

Do you know the kind of people who seem to have money just fall into their laps?

Studies show that most lottery winners go bankrupt within a few years of receiving their money and become even less happy than prior to “winning?” If that’s true, are you lucky to win the lottery? Is it possible that what we think is luck isn’t always lucky after all? Or just the opposite, that what we think isn’t so lucky, is really a gift in disguise? 

What is luck anyway?

Luck is typically defined as force outside of a person’s control.

Richard Bach once said “Nothing happens by chance, my friend… No such thing as luck.”

Since my earliest memory, my sister would tell me, “Jon, you are SOOO freakin lucky!” As a kid, I believed that luck was something you either had or you didn’t.

Now, as an adult, I believe that luck is something we create, not something we’re blessed with.

“Luck is tenacity of purpose.”

Elbert Hubbard

Throughout this article, I’m going to show you how to create your own luck or at the very minimum…. increase the amount of luck that you currently have! Sound good? Cool….let’s dig in….

Creating Your Own Luck

While it’s true that there are events in our lives beyond our control, whether or not we view them as lucky is completely up to us.

Check out this story, I’m not sure who the original author is….if you know, please comment.

During the Han Dynasty—in the third century B.C.—a wise old man living on China’s border one day lost his horse. His neighbors all said, “What terrible luck you have, you have lost your horse.” But the wise old man simply replied: “Maybe.”

The next day the wise old man’s horse returned, together with a beautiful female horse alongside him. All the neighbors exclaimed: “What great luck you have, your horse has returned, and now you have two horses!” But the wise old man simply responded: “Maybe.”

The wise old man had a strong young son. The boy fell in love with the new horse and rode her every day. One day the new horse got spooked by a wild animal and threw the boy from her back. He broke his leg very badly and was permanently crippled. All of the Wise Old Man’s neighbors said: “What bad luck, your son will never walk again.” But the old man again replied: “Maybe.”

And so it went that when the New Year came, the emperor’s army passed through the border region and recruited all able young men to fight in the war. Because the Wise man’s son was crippled he could not fight and was left in the village to farm with his father.

Thoughtful Questions:

Was the series of events good or bad luck?

Are there often hidden seeds of good fortune even in seemingly “unlucky” events?

In the book The Luck Factor, Dr. Wiseman proposes that lucky people…

  • Create, notice and act upon chance opportunities
  • Use intuition to make successful decisions
  • Expect the best for the future
  • Transform bad luck into good fortune


HOT TIP: Download your free ebooklet “The Complete Guide to Luck” – it’s worth the quick 20 minute read!

My personal beliefs about luck:

  • Luck is created by the actions you take
  • Luck is found because you’re looking for it
  • Luck is given in proportion to the degree of belief you have in luck
  • Luck is often disguised as something “unlucky”

If it’s true that what we focus on expands, then let’s focus on being lucky!

Luck is Everywhere

A friend of mine used to say, “I find money everywhere. I constantly find money lying on the street, in cabs, on the beach – everywhere. I guess I’m just lucky!” This begs the question, is my friend really lucky or could it be that he is subconsciously looking for money because he believes that he will find it everywhere? My belief is that he is lucky because he has positive expectations about finding money, and because he’s looking for it, money seems to “find him” – but the reality is that the money is always there for anyone to find, he just sees it because of his level of awareness.

Create More Luck in Your Business

In your business, you can change your luck by simply redirecting your subconscious mind. By changing your belief system about how lucky you are in business, you can condition your mind by repeating the following phrases at least 4-5 times per day for the next week.

1. “I consistently stumble upon ___________________”

2. “I seem to attract the best advice and tips from _________________”

3. “The coolest things happen to me, I’m really lucky when it comes to finding ________________________”

4. “I’m a magnet for big ________________ – how lucky am I?”

“I wasn’t lucky. I deserved it.”

Margaret Thatcher

Taking Luck Head On

Mr. Hal Elrod was struck head on by a drunk driver.  After 6 days in a coma, he not only survived the accident but soon become one of the greatest Sales Reps in the history of the company he was working with at the time.  Please take a quick second and check out Hal’s site

Hal Elrod Accident

Hal Elrod's Accident

Was it “luck” that Hal survived the accident or did he create his own luck? Was it a little bit of both? There are obviously many variables at play here… so let’s dig in a bit.

Is it possible that he contributed to his own luck by focusing on his health before the accident which helped his body to heal quickly? Was his decision to buy a car with airbags a factor in creating his own “luck?” Hal was in control of how fast he was driving, doesn’t this make a difference in how lucky he was?

Many people will say that Hal was so lucky to have survived! And in doing so, they’ll want to take away Hal’s own ability to affect the outcome of the situation. Hal will be the first one to tell you that “The minute you take responsibility for everything in your life, you can change anything in your life.”

There is no question that Hal was not in control of the car that hit him – nor can any of us control all the circumstances in our lives. However…If Hal made the decision to buy a different car, he might not have survived – so Hal’s actions DID directly help to foster his own luck. There’s no doubt that there are forces at work beyond our comprehension, but let’s not remove ourselves from the “luck equation” completely. Let’s all do our part. Let’s all contribute to our own luck in life and business. Let’s leave less up to chance and take responsibility for everything we can.

If you got back to the “Luck Horse” story….compare this to Hal’s story….

  • Hal gets kicked out of his apartment in college and needs a job – lucky? Maybe.
  • Hal meets someone who tells him about a  job at Vector selling Cutco knives – lucky? Maybe.
  • Hal gets job selling Cutco – lucky? Maybe.
  • Hal breaks the push period record and is asked to speak at a sales meeting – lucky? Maybe.
  • Hal gets hit head on by a drunk driver coming back from the Cutco meeting – lucky? Maybe.
  • Hal goes on to write a best selling book about his accident – lucky? Maybe.
  • Hal’s publisher steals the profits form the book and runs away – lucky? Maybe.
  • Hal uses all these life experience to live his dream of becoming one of the world’s greatest coaches, speakers and authors – lucky? Maybe.

What lucky experiences lie ahead for Hal? Answer: Every experience if you ask Hal!

Hal views every experience as a lucky experience. How do you view your life and business? How will you view it differently after reading this article?

In a Nutshell

Lucky people simply expect to be lucky, therefore they filter any and all information in a way that allows them to find the luck within any situation; and by focusing on the perceived “luck,” they develop what others call good fortune. The reality is simply that they choose to see the luck, and this changes their behavior, and their behavior changes their result.

I believe we create more luck through our decisions and actions than by some force outside of our control.

6 Steps to Making Luck

  1. Take responsibility – you’re exactly where you need to be to learn what you need to learn – make sure you get the lesson and move on
  2. Learning from everything – lucky people are avid learners. Make sure that even unlucky situations teach you something. In the end, you may just see them as lucky instead!
  3. Perseverance – the more times we act, we the more chance for luck. If you are out mingling with people 5 nights a week, in environments where customers will be, you’ll likely “luck out” and find more customers.
  4. Confidence – Start believing that you are lucky. You are worth of luck. Luck is not a bad thing. Luck is what you make it to be. Luck is defined by you.
  5. Resources – this creates more options for luck. People who have a giant network of friends, usually have more luck because they have more options. Cherish your resources.
  6. Belief – when we believe we’re lucky, we are. Use the inacantations given above and begin to recondition yourself to believe you are the luckiest man or woman alive!

Please share your “lucky” stories with me below.

Big Question of the Day:  Where does your time go?

I’m guessing you’ve seen the following graph, created by Stephen Covey, numerous times before; if not, then I welcome you to a concept that can change the way you approach your day and WILL impact every area of your life.

Are you ready to gain an extra 1-2 hours each day?

By looking at the chart below, you’ll see quickly that it illustrates a basic philosophy about how we manage our time; our tasks usually fall into one of four quadrants.

  • Important And Urgent
  • Important But Not Urgent
  • Urgent But Not Important
  • Not Urgent And Not Important

Most people get caught up in urgent but not important tasks (distracting phone calls, emails, etc).  Sound familiar?   There is a time and place for scheduled emailing or phone calls, but all too often, these become distractions more than tools to drive business or enhance the quality of your life.

Here’s the missing link for most people:  Most life/business dreams are built in quadrant II, but we spend very little time there.

  1. How much time did you spend in each quadrant today? How about yesterday?  Is there a trend for you?
  2. What would you need to adjust about how to approach your day in order to create more time for quadrant II?
  3. What distractions do you need to avoid?

Want to learn how to get 1-2 extra hours each day starting right now?  Ok…here we go……

Imagine this; if you make an average of twenty phone calls during your day, and each one takes an average of 15 minutes, what would you need to adjust in order to shave 5 minutes off those calls?   I’d guess that it IS entirely possible to have the same quality conversation in 10 minutes that’s normally taking you 15.  Could you reduce by a few minutes the time spent “catching up?”  Why not mention at the beginning of the call, “I only have 10 minutes to talk?”   By finding a way to save 5 minutes from 20 calls throughout your day, you’ve just pick up 100 extra minutes, or 1 hour and 40 minutes!

How often do you schedule a 30 or 60 minute phone appointment when you really need half the time to actually cover what needs to get done?  It is true that our work expands to the time allotted for it, so why not tighten up your calls a bit?

If you’ve seen this graph or heard this concept pitched before, that’s great, but the question is NOT “do you know it?” – the real question is “do you use it?”

Regardless of your current ability to focus on what’s important (and I’m sure you’re excellent!), you DO have room to improve – that’s the beauty of life.  There’s always another level!

I recommend printing this graph and putting it somewhere you’ll see it daily (next to your computer, in your planner, set it as your screen saver).

Again, I’ll ask the same questions from just a moment ago….

  1. How much time did you spend in each quadrant today? How about yesterday?  Is there a trend for you?
  2. What would you need to adjust about how to approach your day in order to create more time for quadrant II?
  3. What distractions do you need to avoid?

Starting today, focus on putting your attention to quadrant II (yes…that means schedule time NOW), and the stress you are accustom to feeling from living in quadrant I will be minimized.

Life will always through us curve balls and provide fires that need to be put out, but let’s do everything we can to prevent the fires from happening or prepare for them so we can deal with them quickly and efficiently.

I challenge you to add a bit of urgency to quadrant II!


I often feel pulled in many different directions with offers to travel, work, socialize and contribute. Am I alone?

Often the number of options we have can bring about an element of stress – NOT the element of freedom that more choices often resemble. So, this begs the question, do more choices mean more happiness?

For a great video on this topic, check out this  Barry Schwartz video (it’s 20 minutes….so if you don’t have the time, bookmark it).

If you in sales, do customers buy more or less when faced with more choices?

When you eat a restaurant, do you get paralyzed by a 10 page menu?  After you make the decision to pick your meal, do you ever wish you had picked something else on the menu?

Is choice easier if you know what you want?

In what situations do you want more choice?  When don’t you want more choice?

Leave your comments below.

We don’t need a lot of money to make a difference.

Check out this video and ask yourself – how often do you give out genuine compliments?

After you watch the video, share below your “best compliment”  story….perhaps where you gave one out, got one from someone else, heard someone else paying a compliment, etc.

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If we encounter a person of rare intellect,

we should ask them what books they read.


What’s your favorite book of all time?

*** You can find my favorite books at

How has reading books affected your life?

What valuable lessons have you learned reading?

If you were to stack all the lessons you’ve taken from books over the years, what would that look like?

How many books did you read last year? How about the year before? How about over the last five years?

How many a man has dated a new era in his life
from the reading of a book. (1854)
~ Henry David Thoreau ~

I love reading; at least now I do. As a teenager, I wasn’t a huge fan…but today I could read for hours on end.

Let me speak for a moment to all those individuals who “don’t have time for reading.” Imagine for just a moment that you commit to reading only10 pages during breakfast each day – this will likely take you about 20 minutes. Reading 10 pages a day will result in the completion of approximately one book each month….that’s 12 books per year.

How would your life change if you were to read 12 books this year about health, finances, time management, communication, leadership, parenting, spirituality or productivity? Just think about how many new skills you would have!

The more that you read,
the more things you will know.
The more that you learn,
the more places you’ll go.
~ Dr. Seuss ~

I view books as an extraordinary resource for information, where someone has documented their most intelligent ideas, thoughts and beliefs.

Authors often work for months on end compiling their BEST ideas in a format that’s easy for its reader to comprehend. All of their efforts translate into a book where its content can be devoured in a matter of hours. They work hard so you don’t have to!

I believe that reading is one of the fastest and most effective ways to grow personally and professionally.

Choose an author as you choose a friend.
~ Sir Christopher Wren ~

If we encounter a man of rare intellect,
we should ask him what books he reads.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

Champions Eat Books for Breakfast

Feeding your brain is as important as feeding your belly. Is your appetite for knowledge as big as your vision for success in life? Look at reading as food for the soul.

I heard my mentor Tony Robbins once say, “People often overestimate what they can do in a year, but underestimate what they can do in a lifetime.” When it comes to reading, people often underestimate the power that reading just 10 pages daily will have on their life. Let me illustrate…

If someone begins reading regularly at 30 years old, and for the next 20 years they read 10 pages per day, they would have completed approximately 240+ books by the age of 50.

Would your life be any different if you had the collective knowledge of 240 books to draw upon at any moment? If this inspires you, check out these numbers…

  • Read 20 pages per day and in 20 years, you’ll have read 480 books
  • Read 30 pages per day and in 20 years, you’ll have read 720 books
  • Read 50 pages per day and in 20 years, you’ll have read 1,200 books
  • Read 100 pages per day and in 20 years, you’ll have read 2,400 books
  • Read 1 book per day and in 20 years, you’ll have read 7,040 books

  • Imagine what type of parent you would become?
  • Imagine what type of business person you would become?
  • Imagine what type of leader you would become?

Personally, I’m inspired by the notion that by reading 100 pages per day over the next 20 years, I would have the wisdom of 2,400 books affecting my every day life and the life of those around me.

The man who doesn’t read good books
has no advantage over the man who can’t read them.
~ Mark Twain ~

My Challenge For You

Read 10 pages per day for the next 10 days and see how you feel with your new morning diet. My guess is that you’ll have more energy throughout the day because your soul will be fed. Share with me your comments below. I’d enjoy knowing your favorite book and how it inspired your life. Happy reading and I hope to connect again soon.

Jon Vroman

There is more treasure in books than
in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.
~ Walt Disney ~